Surabhi Darbar

Best Restaurant in Sarnath

Corporate Meeting

Our Darbar Banqueting Areas are designed to accommodate your confidential board meetings, just the way you would like. So if you are looking to make that big corporate statement with your prestigious events, The Hotel Surabhi International Hotel in Varanasi is just the place for you. Our long list of clients boasts of names of the top Fortune more than 50 companies besides a host of leading Indian Corporate Sector.

We are proud of a 75% repeat clientele, and have successfully handled Conferences, Seminars. Training, Residential Conferences, Product launches, Cocktail evenings, Receptions, Weddings and press meets over the past 7 years.

Discussion Meeting

Discussion Meeting If you're sitting down to actually perform specific work, the approach is different from open discussion and debate of issues. Agenda and focus will be particularly important, because there are things that must come out of the meeting.

Slack off and you could find the meeting dragging on and on because you may not be able to adjourn until everything is done.

Best Restaurant in Sarnath
Best Restaurant in Sarnath

Idea Generation Meeting

You're not looking to make decisions here. What you want is the opposite—to suspend decisions and simply generate ideas. You might use brainstorming, concept mapping, or other techniques, which emphasizes the role of a facilitator.After generating ideas, you might find you'll need an additional meeting to sort through the material and decide on which ones merit implementation. An idea generation meeting will have significant need for follow-up.

Round Table Discussion

In a Round Table Discussion, a group goes over some previously completed work. You absolutely need to get material to people in advance for this type of meeting because it will otherwise be next to useless and highly inefficient.

Participation is critical because, presumably, the people who did the original work need feedback before they can proceed to the next step.

Best Restaurant in Sarnath
Best Restaurant in Sarnath

Stage Show

A Stage show in Darbar is generally one or some chief person on the stage to indicate audience and the audience frequently asks questions directly.

In Darbar more than 250 peoples is comfortably arrange.

Theater Show

In Darbar arrange theater for presentation show or some training purpose package show and some motivational show for grow your business. Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters, as opposed to using 'Content here, content here', making it look like readable English.

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Best Restaurant in Sarnath
Best Restaurant in Sarnath